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I am hopeful that America will be energy independent in this generation and I want to be a part of seeing Georgia lead the way in that effort. An unhealthy dependence on foreign oil from nations and regimes intent on our destruction not only affects our economy, but also our national security.

Federalism and the 10th Amendment

The state of Georgia is a sovereign government. Our federal government has overstepped its Constitutional authority time and time again for over 100 years. It is a necessity that we, the state of Georgia, reclaim the rights of the state and the people from the federal government.

Health Care

The American Healthcare system is broken. Although rising costs negatively affect every citizen, Obama care is not the answer. A free market system which allows competition, but does not require citizens to purchase a product is a better, constitutional approach. I am committed to supporting Georgia’s fight against this legislation and will actively oppose efforts by the federal government to usurp the state’s sovereignty.

Helping Small Businesses Grow and Create New Jobs

Georgia continues to make progress in the fight against crippling regulations that handicap business growth and development. An over regulated, hyper-intrusive government would not only kill jobs and force companies overseas, but it also reduces the number of start-up companies bringing jobs to our state. I am unwavering in my commitment to keep the state government out of your business so your business can grow and expand.

Immigration Reform

At the end of the 2011 session, the Georgia Legislature passed a bill to reform our immigration policy. While the bill does not correct all the issues created by impotent federal policies, it is a step in the right direction. It is my hope that the federal government will reclaim its Constitutional responsibility to secure our borders and police our immigration. In the meantime, I will support bills that serve a primary function of government- to protect our residents physically and financially from the burden of illegal residents.


A society ceases to be civilized when it ceases to value life. I am unapologetically prolife from conception until natural death. I commit to support legislation that protects the unborn and the aged from conception to natural death. I will also vigorously oppose all efforts to use your tax dollars to take the innocent lives of the unborn.

Second Amendment

As a gun owner, I will defend the God given and Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. While the anti-gun lobby works tirelessly to take these rights away and to enact more restrictions on this freedom, I will be your advocate.